Professional Algorithms For

The Discerning Investor.

Due to the nature of our privately held group, we do not release the “how & why” to our esteemed clientele. Unlike handicapping or traditional pick services, we only deal with clients whom meet our criteria. That criteria is met after a one on one telephone consultation. In the age of the internet we prefer to have the “old school approach” dealing with less clients who are only interested in the highest ROI % return available.

Upon being vetted by our firm if you meet the criteria we will give you the “keys” to access the appropriate algorithms based on your goals and needs.

Just like a typical financial fund we have different algorithms (all profitable) based on your risk tolerance. While all approved clients are looking for the highest “alpha” return Each client has individual “beta” they can handle. After discerning the “beta” category you desire we will offer you access to some or all algorithms and give you the “keys”.

For more information, call 1-888-201-4201